The Mint in our Hint of Mint Choc Bars comes from Hampshire


Time for another fast fact about the ingredients we use in our Zoot bars.

Did you know that the natural mint extract used in ZOOT ZERO Hint of Mint chocolate is from Summerdown Mint in Hampshire.

The Black Mitcham peppermint bush has been developed by Sir Michael Colman from the Colman mustard empire! It took more than a decade for he and his team to re-establish traditional Black Mitcham mint on their farm in the foothills of the Hampshire Downs.

They had to relearn lost mint farming skills from America and import and adapt the latest production techniques and technologies. One major challenge was adapting the plants and techniques to suit British conditions.

When their mint fields have been harvested, the leaves are taken to their purpose-built distillery. The result is a rare, single-estate peppermint oil with an intense flavour and a scent that is also highly-prized by aromatherapists. It is this extract that we use in our Zoot Zero Hint of Chocolate bars.

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