Grape Tree is now stocking Zoot Bars

Grape Tree logo

If you are lucky enough to live close to one of the 93 Grape Tree stores around the UK, you’re in for a treat because Grape Tree is now stocking up on Zoot bars.

Whilst Grape Tree has a great online shop selling delicious snacks and health foods, their 93 retail stores also sell a variety of health foods, nuts, seeds, dried and crystallised fruit, snacks, confectionery, cooking and baking ingredients – and now of course a large range of Zoot bars!

You can pick up all your favourite varieties of Zoot bar from Grape Tree, including Cashew & Caramel, Cacao & Orange, Berry Burst, Coconut Bliss, Banana Choc Chip, Cranberry Choc Chip, Hint of Mint, Zesty Orange, Creamy Milk & Smooth Dark.