All About ‘No Added Sugar’

We take great pride in the healthy nature of our Zoot bars, and our Zoot Naturals and Zoot Zero ranges of healthy snack bars are labelled as containing

What does NO ADDED SUGAR actually mean?

When a product is labelled as NO ADDED SUGAR it means that no additional sugar is added to the composition of the product during manufacture. Companies who wish to be able to verify their claims for No Added Sugar can seek accreditation from Sugarwise, the international certification authority for sugar claims on food and drink. You will see the Sugarwise logo on all of our Zoot Zero and Zoot naturals ranges.

Instead of adding sugar, we add a tiny amount of a naturally occurring sweetener such as Stevia or Maltitol. These natural ingredients provide a perfectly balanced sweetness with no bitter aftertaste.

All about Stevia

Stevia is a 100% natural plant that, when picked is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, yet contains no calories at all. Hard to believe isn’t it?

A field of Stevia - the 100% natural sweetener used in our Zootelicious Choc bars
A field of Stevia – the 100% natural sweetener used in our Zootelicious Choc bars

So, what is Stevia?

Stevia is a green, leafy plant that is native to South America. It has been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries. The plant has also been bred for its strong, sweet flavor and used as a sweetener. However, the refined Stevia sweeteners used today often don’t resemble the whole Stevia plant at all.

While you can buy whole or crushed Stevia leaves, we use a naturally refined version of the plant’s sweet compounds in our Choc Zoot bars.

Not only do our Zoot Zero bars contain no calories because of the Stevia, the Stevia itself has a number of additional health benefits.

Various studies have shown that Stevia has a beneficial effect in lowering blood pressure, reducing blood sugar and insulin levels (an important benefit for Diabetes sufferers), as well as anti inflammatory and anti cancer benefits.

Not that a single Zootelicious Choc bar is going to give you all those benefits overnight – it won’t! All the studies have used very high doses of Stevia extract and you would have to eat a very large number of Zoot bars for there to be any discernible effect.

However, it’s nice to know that the Stevia that goes into our Zoot bars is essentially very natural and healthy.