• ZooT, safe snacking, and the power of three

    Strategically aimed at shaking up the snack market, we at ZooT have come up with a range of healthy snack bars that WILL suit your lifestyle. Over 77% of people snack between meals, often on unsuitable and unhealthy foods… so why not give them some safe snacking alternatives?

    What do you get if you put a Food Technologist in a room with three Directors (Marketing, Manufacturing and Creative)? Add in a shared desire to shake up the snack market and leave them to brainstorm a solution… you get the birth of the healthy snack brand “ZooT”, from Zootfoods!

    We at Zootfoods have a mission – to ensure everyone who snacks can do so in a healthy way that suits their lifestyle – whether you’re a busy mum, workplace snacker or school kid that needs a mid-afternoon energy boost.

    The power of three

    We have initially launched three distinct ranges: ZooT Boost, ZooT Enduro and ZooT Froot. All three ranges focus on different health and energy benefits, plus they each come with a choice of three different fruit and nut, Zootiful tasty options.

    Zoot 18 x Bars

    ZooT bars: healthy and with added benefits

    Our range of ZooT bars respect the allergen requirements of our potential customers – they contain only a sensible amount of calories, are gluten free, use premium ingredients AND are suitable for Vegetarians. Most of our bars are suitable for Vegans and seven are dairy free too.

    We use only premium ingredients, including Pineapple, Mango, Goji berries, Sunflower seeds, nuts and gluten free oats, and each bar is packed with over 70% fruit. This means there really isn’t any need (or room!) for added sugar or nasties, so we leave them out – our way of helping you to lead a healthier lifestyle AND easily get one of your 5-a-day.

    Passion for safe snacking

    safesnackingWe at Zootfoods are so passionate about safe snacking, we’ve also launched the ‘Safe Snacking’ logo too. We’re determined to get people snacking safely. We want customers to know that, when they see the ZooT logo, they can unwrap our products with confidence, knowing that they are tasty, health and good for you.

    ZooT bars are soon to be available from leading Health stores nationwide AND are set to be one of THE most exciting brand introductions of 2015. So, in the meantime, why not find out more about our ranges, by clicking here? #safesnacking #Zootiful