• Your common snack questions solved!

    safe2ZooT Foods are so passionate about safe snacking, our mission is to start a healthy snack revolution! With the creation of our healthy snack bars and the ‘Safe Snacking’ logo, everyone at ZooT want you to lead a healthier life… and we’re here to answer your common snack questions!

    Don’t I need sugar to boost my energy?

    Most people mistakenly believe they need sugar to boost their energy – that’s why they reach for the short-lived sugar hit you get from the usual refined sugar snacking options. However, these calorie and sugar filled snacks are a key contributor to weight gain and diabetes.

    Fruit and nuts have a far more effective and longer lasting energy release. It’s a more controlled release, so you get a prolonged and stable release of energy – with no big ‘lows’ afterwards. That’s why we’ve created the ZooT BoosT bar. It’s packed with fruit and nuts and has no added sugar – it’s also low in calories, so you boost your energy and not your weight.

    I find fruit boring! Any suggestions?bored of fruit

    We’ve all heard the importance of having our 5-a-day and there’s many ways you can do so, especially at snack time. The ZooT FrooT bar is perfect for those of us who find fruit boring!

    Packed full with over 70% fruit, we have some great flavours and tastes – ensuring you get premium ingredients that help you have 1 of your 5-a-day.

    If I’m about to do prolonged exercise, don’t I need lots of carbs or energy drinks?

    This myth actually causes a lot of those who exercise to actually consume far MORE calories than they actually burn whilst exercising! Not only that, but they also end up consuming a huge amount of refined sugar too!

    Seeds are a proven source of slow release energy – and they’re really good for you too. That’s why we created the ZooT EndurO bar. It’s packed with sunflower seeds, fruit and nuts – a great source of protein to help maintain your energy.

    You can’t find snacks suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians…

    We have nine different fruit and nut bars, split into three distinct ranges – and all except two of them (BoosT Banana Choc Chip and BoosT Choc ‘n’ Orange) are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly.

    Let’s not forget those who are needing dairy or gluten free snacks…

    We haven’t forgotten those who need dairy and gluten free snacks. Of our nine different bars, all of them are Gluten Free, whilst there are only two that aren’t dairy free – the BoosT Choc ‘n’ Orange bar and BoosT Banana Choc Chip.

    But aren’t snacks high in calories?

    Snacks don’t have to be high in calories. Our three ranges have differing calories – however our lowest calorie bars are ZooT BoosT Cranberry Crush (at only 115 Kcals) and the ZooT FrooT Berry Burst bar (only 116 Kcals). And if you’re after a chocolate tasting treat – try out ZooT BoosT Banana Choc Chip bar… it’s only 118 calories!

    For further information, why not check out our website at www.zootfoods.com – you can read more about our great range of healthy snack bars and also find your nearest supplier!

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  • ZooT EndurO Brazil Nut Carnival bar

    carnival-arts-crafts-bingham-leisure-centre-wk5-tue-19th-aug-1722-pWhether you’re up a mountain or soaking up the sights and sounds of the Notting Hill Carnival, pack a ZooT EndurO Brazil Nut Carnival bar and you’ll have all the energy you need to keep going.

    Specially created to provide sustainable energy over a longer period of time, ZooT EndurO bars are packed with protein and energy to keep you going on and on and on.

    It’s a carnival of peanuts, sultanas and dates

    As with all ZooT EndurO bars, the Brazil Nut Carnival bar is a great source of fibre and protein, thanks to ingredients such as dates, sultanas and sunflower seeds.

    Peanuts are packed with protein, more so than any other nuts. Peanuts also contain folate, which helps you build strong bones and ‘phytosterols’ that can help promote healthy levels of cholesterol in your body. Sultanas are full of energy and antioxidants and the Brazil Nut Carnival bar has a great blend of both – with 23% peanuts and 28% sultanas.

    Combine all this with the 11% dates, and the ZooT Brazil Nut Carnival is a fabulous source of quick, fast acting energy.

    Brazil Nuts – a staple source of energy

    brazilBrazil nuts are still a staple source of energy for the native Amazonians today – and is it any wonder? They’re a great source of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. They hold exceptionally high levels of Selenium – adequate Selenium in your diet can help prevent various ailments including heart disease. Brazil nuts are also an excellent source of B-complex vitamins – thiamin and riboflavin – both known to help your body produce energy and help it run like a well-oiled machine.

    The ZooT EndurO Brazil Nut Carnival Bar contains 166 kcals, are suitable for Vegetarians AND Vegans, are gluten and dairy free, as well as being a great source of protein – enabling you to keep that carnival high going for longer!

    As with all ZooT healthy snack EndurO bars, the Brazil Nut Carnival Bar is a combination of both fuel and taste, so why not stock up and keep that party going for longer!

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