• A Destination Cafe and Deli for Lovers of Healthy Foods and Zoot Bars

    From time to time we like to highlight those unique shops where you can pick up the range of Zoot bars, but also which offer something extra special for their customers and local community.

    One such is the aptly named GreenWise Cafe in Fetcham, Surrey.


    The Greenwise Cafe in Fetcham – Organic Coffees and Healthy Meals

    A destination Deli and Cafe for savvy locals, the Greenwise Cafe is a foodie heaven, particularly for Vegans, Vegetarians and those seeking Gluten Free foods.


    A range of healthy fruit and vegetables, most organically grown


    Healthy chilled ready meals made by local producers and bakers


    Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free products for a healthy lifestyle

    A warm and inviting local meeting spot, the Cafe focuses on fresh, healthy food, with a full range of organic coffees, fresh and locally made Ready Meals and a delicious range of salads and snacks for that healthy breakfast or lunch.

    Those seeking an indulgent but healthy snack to have with their coffee can choose from the full range of 14 Zoot Bars on offer.


    Tyrone Patterson, owner of the Greenwise Cafe and Deli loves the Zoot range. “All of the food and products we sell are fresh, locally sourced and healthy, and we cater to a wide range of dietary requirements. Zoot Bars complement our offering superbly – great taste, great variety and suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and those after tasty Gluten Free snacks. If you are seeking a guilt free indulgence then Zoot Bars are for you.”

    The Greenwise Cafe is increasingly becoming a ‘must visit’ destination for local Surrey foodies and the range of fresh, local produce on offer is impressive. Definitely a Cafe to visit soon!

  • Lauren from BrittonLoves loves Zoot Bars

    Our friend Lauren from Britton Loves came across Zoot Bars at a foodie show at the end of last year and she loved them. Here’s what she wrote on her blog:

    “….the standout for me was Zoot Foods Bars and I was so pleased to find they’d made up a special vegan friendly for me to try. Seven bars ranging from Boost, Enduro and Fruit, helping to lift energy, fill you up for longer or to provide one of your 5-a-day, and I have to say that these are the best snack bars I’ve ever tasted. You get quite a lot of bar within each pack, and sometimes I skipped a meal because the bars had left me so full from 11am to about 4pm, so I was super impressed with that.

    Could I possibly pick a favourite? No, I feel like I would be cheating on all the other flavours, and I’m super excited to see their new launch and range of bars soon as these have definitely changed my mind on snacking and great tasting vegan treats to indulge in.”

    brittonloves-best-festive-hot-chocolate-vegan-cinnamon-december-2016-8Well, many of you will know that Zoot Naturals and Zoot Zero have now joined the range, making a total of 14 different bars.

    Zoot Naturals are Zootelicious Fruit and Nut Bars. They are all Free from Added Sugar, Gluten free, Dairy free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans – and they taste great!

    Zoot Zero is specifically designed to help you reduce your sugar intake. They too are Gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial colours or flavours.

    And if you want to make the ultimate festive hot chocolate to complement your healthy Zoot bars, then just click on the Father Christmas cup to go straight to Lauren’s delicious recipe.

    It’s going to be a chocolatey Christmas!!

  • Dorking Cycling Club check out Zoot Boost Cranberry Choc Chip

    Members of Dorking Cycling Club were treated to a taste of our Zoot Boost Cranberry Choc Chip energy bar on their ride this morning.


    “Delicious!”, “What a Great Taste!”, and “Just the Job” were just some of the favourable comments heard as club members braved the -2 degree chill and set our for a gloriously sunny ride in the Surrey Hills.


    With 25.4g of carbohydrates per bar, the Boost bar is ideal for replenishing energy levels half way round the ride and gives that much needed extra boost to conquer some of those tough climbs the Surrey Hills are famous for.

    The Zoot Boost Cranberry Choc Chip is Gluten Free, has no added flavours or colours and is suitable for Vegetarians.

    We are offering a very special deal to all cycling and sports clubs, so if you want to provide your teammates with an energy bar that delivers on taste and energy, do drop us a line.
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