With many people trying out the Vegan lifestyle through Veganuary, and looking to find out more about going Vegan, we are sharing a very comprehensive introduction to the Vegan lifestyle from the folks at Vegan.com.
It is packed full of tips and ideas about Veganism and nicely complements the wealth of information on the www.veganuary.com website.
Many of the tips suggest that you don’t need to give up the occasional indulgence to live a Vegan lifestyle. There are some delicious recipes out there as well as tasty, Vegan friendly snacks and treats.
You may be surprised to learn that our Zoot Froot and Zoot Natural bars are suitable for both Vegans and Vegetarians, contain no artificial colours or flavours and are Gluten Free. What’s more, they are quite delicious.
So going Vegan doesn’t mean you have to retire your taste buds. There’s plenty of tasty Vegan friendly goodness out there should you feel the need for a quick snack attack.
You can pick up our Zoot bars online at www.zootfoods.com , and for January only you can get 20% off our Vegan friendly Zoot Froot and Zoot Natural bars by entering the coupon ‘veganuary’ at the checkout.
Enjoy your month of eating healthily.

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