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Who are Zootfoods and what are ZooT bars?

A good question so …..What’s Going On?    (with thanks to and great memories of Marvin Gaye)

A couple of years ago a group of friends were discussing how difficult it was to buy a decent off-the-shelf snack at a reasonable price without the fear of buying something loaded with fats, salt or sugar. Yes, we could stand there all day reading the labels, but who has time (or the inclination) to do that every day?  Someone said, “What brand can you automatically trust with no need to read the labels?” You know, we could not think of one!

So, hey ho, someone said “why don’t we create one!” And so it was ‘ZooT’ was born. Why Zoot? …Well why not?

We then thought about how we could tell people our products were safe and trustworthy. A couple of hours later we had our ‘safe snacking’ ™ logo and all we needed were some products!

Fortunately, we had a Product Development Technician, a Marketer, a Creative Director and a Salesman in our new team.

We wrote out our brand essentials: –

Fabulous taste

Minimal sugar

Minimal fats

Minimal salt

Affordable and great value

And transparency! We recognised that no matter how hard we try, it is virtually impossible to please everyone. However careful we were with the recipe and regardless of our intention to use premium quality ingredients there was always the possibility that some unfortunate person could have an allergy to one or more of them.

We were adamant that our products would be very clearly labelled and our website would be especially clear on what ingredients went into our products. If people had any doubts they could contact us for further assistance, With so many allergen sufferers today we want to make sure that people would know exactly what they were consuming when they buy our products. It’s all about safe snacking!

Phase 1: We got to work and created our first products: a healthy snack bar range made from cold-pressed fruit nuts, seeds and chocolate. We are very pleased to offer them as a healthier and more nutritious snack than many popular items on sale, and you do not have to pay a premium for ours.

Phase 2: We are moving over to using No-Added-Sugar chocolate in all of our bars, so why not add a convenient snacking chocolate. Make way for ZooT Zero,  the No-Added-Sugar Twin-Bar pack. One bar for now and one to save for later! As long as you have the willpower! Delicious milk chocolate and high cocoa content dark chocolate in plain, mint or zesty orange. Wonderful taste without a sugar overload. The Zoot Zero chocolate bars have all received accreditation from ‘SugarWise’ the new kite mark for low free sugar foods & drinks.  See our Sugarwise blog for more details on how this mark can help you cut down on sugar.

Phase 3 and Phase 4:  Keep watching the site for news of our two new exciting ‘Safe Snacking’  ranges being launched this summer. Nuts, Seeds, Free-From Added Sugar and something extra special! Keep watching for the announcements.



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