Don’t give up on the New Year’s Resolution to lose weight just yet!

Well, we’re two thirds the way through January and statistically speaking this is the time when people tend to fall off their New Year’s resolution to diet, get fit and eat healthily.
There are many reasons why we just can’t sustain those good intentions, but it normally comes down to boredom with your new diet and feeling hungry all the time. Let’s face it. If you have been used to Full English Breakfasts every day, then after three weeks of Curly Kale and Parsley soup and the occasional spoonful of Quinoa you are going to be desperate for something more tasty and substantial.
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Well, we can help with that. You may have seen in an earlier post that a single small brick of Zoot’s Smooth Dark Chocolate bar can actually help you to lose weight, but it also makes a delicious snack that can make even the most unappetising diet bearable.
The occasional indulgence is central to keeping the motivation going, but it needs to be a healthy and tasty one. Our Dark Chocolate Zesty Orange and Hint of Mint bars complement the Smooth Dark Chocolate bar and our Zoot Natural range include yummy ingredients such as Cashews, Caramel, Almonds and Brazil Nuts. All of course with No Added Sugar.
                                                                             Zoot Zero Bars are Free from Added Sugar                                                                                      Zoot Natural Bars are Free from Added Sugar
So, don’t give up the Resolution just yet. Grab some Zoot bars to help you through those difficult moments and you may even start to enjoy Curly Kale soup.
We’d love to know how you are getting on with your diet and how you keep the motivation going. What’s your favourite diet-friendly soup? Let us know on our Facebook page at

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