Dorking Cycling Club check out Zoot Boost Cranberry Choc Chip

Members of Dorking Cycling Club were treated to a taste of our Zoot Boost Cranberry Choc Chip energy bar on their ride this morning.


“Delicious!”, “What a Great Taste!”, and “Just the Job” were just some of the favourable comments heard as club members braved the -2 degree chill and set our for a gloriously sunny ride in the Surrey Hills.


With 25.4g of carbohydrates per bar, the Boost bar is ideal for replenishing energy levels half way round the ride and gives that much needed extra boost to conquer some of those tough climbs the Surrey Hills are famous for.

The Zoot Boost Cranberry Choc Chip is Gluten Free, has no added flavours or colours and is suitable for Vegetarians.

We are offering a very special deal to all cycling and sports clubs, so if you want to provide your teammates with an energy bar that delivers on taste and energy, do drop us a line.
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