18 bar box of Smooth Dark Chocolate 40g Twin-bar Pack with No Added Sugar

Smooth Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids in a handy 40g twin-bar pack. The chocolate is flavoured with a hint of Dorset mint—natural of course!  No sugar is added in the making of these delicious goodies and there is less than 1g of naturally occurring sugar in both bars. Our chocolate is sweetened with natural sourced Stevia and Maltitol giving perfectly balanced sweetness with no bitter aftertaste. If you love chocolate but feel guilty eating too much sugar (popular brands contain up to 56% sugar) then this is definitely the treat you deserve.

Great taste and made with premium quality ingredients
No Added Sugar—–Certified and accredited by SugarWise
Gluten free
No artificial preservatives or colourings and naturally flavoured.

Vegetarian Society approved

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